"They trade their stocks (on wall street) based on the number of people that are in jail.
If that isn't sickness I can't tell you what is."

From the video -Privatized Prisons and Prison is slavery-

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.............The rally cry.......................... The Informational videos ................... The criminals responsible

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Citizens plan national day of peaceful musical and poetic protest March 4th 2010


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The Million Poet March

Time: February 27, 2010 from 6pm to 8pm
Location: blogtalkradio.com/poetryovermusicradio
Website or Map: http://thenewwordorder.ning.com/events/the-million-poets-march


March 4th For Freedom Updates and Discussion

Time: February 3, 2010 from 8pm to 10pm
Location: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/maxparthas/2010/02/04/march-4th-for-freedom-updates-and-discussio

Call-in Number: (347) 202-0314

Join Max Parthas, Janus Bryant, & Frank Smith of "The Truth About Correctional Privatization" and other leaders of our community as we discuss plans of action for the MARCH FORTH FOR FREEDOM event on 3/4/2010

After much deliberation with experts and hours of research we're ready to announce new updates and plans as well as answer questions. If your planning on helping this unique national event take place please tune in or listen to the archives. For more information visit www.thenewwordorder.com For information on "The Truth About Correctional Privatization" visit http://www.privateci.org/



THE CORPORATION Award winning series.



A personal note from Max Parthas

These are the darkest days and the darkest times before the storm. I'm no ones "leader".
Just a normal flawed man trying to help and make a difference in our world with the gifts God has blessed me with. Don't expect perfection from me because you'll be sorely dissapointed.
I fight for the same reasons you should. Real legalized slavery exists. Corporation are taking control of our government. Our young men and women fight and die in wars based on lies and greed. Our leaders commit treason publicly. The major media outlets lies to our faces. Basic health care is denied to the poor while the rich enjoy whitened teeth and genital modifications. Homelessness and unemployment runs rampant while prisoners are forced to make Lee jeans at 10 cents an hour. People are losing they're homes. They're savings. They're lives. Our children are indoctrinated from birth and conditioned to be apathetic by corporate controlled populat culture. Millions are dying in natural disasters and man made genocides. It's good to know someone... anyone, cares at all.
We have a great deal of information here. Please share it with others.
But... I must warn you as I must warn everyone of 2 things.
1- by gathering to protest in any location for any reason on March 4th, you will likely be breaking the new laws of the land. aka the patriot act. If you have no permit and rally anyway, expect a fine at the least. Unless of course there is no "one" person to blame. Just a multitude of concerned citizens who show up on they're own accord like children of the corn.
2- I cannot ask you or anyone else to do these things. It must be a personal decision based on your own hearts educated desires to right the wrongs. To raise your voice with others of liker mind. Don't be lulled into believing you can do something tomorrow becaause that blessing is promised to no one.



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What do you hope to achieve?

We have three main goals:

1- Awareness.
Most people don't even know about the issue let alone understand how rampant and corrupt it has become. You must understand we are fighting nothing less than modern day legalized slavery.

2- Unity.
To show the leaders of our nation that we the people can and do agree on at least one thing. We will not tolerate modern day slavery in any disguise.

3- A viable course of action available to all.
I recently asked an extreme hypothetical question in order to gauge what options the average Americans thinks they may have as recourse when faced with corruption at the highest levels of political office. Nearly 100% felt they had nothing worthwhile that they could do. Literally they felt helpless and powerless.
By having a LOCAL event in collaboration with a NATIONAL movement it makes things easy. You don't have to go far. Just go downtown in your own city. You don't have to do much. Just be a witness or add your voice at a public open-mic event. The truth is you are likely to spend more energy picking out a movie from blockbuster. If it's just that simple how can you NOT add your voice for so worthy a cause?


Please. Educate yourself. Ignorance can be excused. Fear can be understood. But apathy is a crime against us all.
-Max Parthas 2010


by Chenyelu Bomani


by Maiyah


HOWARD ZINN and "VOICES OF A PEOPLE'S HISTORY" Dicuss the faults of civil obedience



According to December 2009 info online from the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) $68,747,203,000 was spent on corrections in 2006.

-The United States has the highest documented incarceration rate in the world. The U.S. incarceration rate on December 31, 2008 was 754 inmates per 100,000 U.S. residents. The USA also has the highest total documented prison and jail population in the world.

-The People's Republic of China ranks second with 1.5 million inmates, while having four times the population, thus having only about 18% of the US incarceration rate

-According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS): "In 2008, over 7.3 million people were on probation, in jail or prison, or on parole at yearend - 3.2% of all U.S. adult residents or 1 in every 31 adults."

-2,304,115 were incarcerated in U.S. prisons and jails in 2008. In addition, according to a December 2009 BJS report, there were 92,854 held in juvenile facilities as of the 2006 Census of Juveniles in Residential Placement (CJRP), conducted by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

-In 2002, 93.2% of prisoners were male. About 10.4% of all black males in the United States between the ages of 25 and 29 were sentenced and in prison, compared to 2.4% of Hispanic males and 1.3% of white males.

-In 2001 a study determined the accuracy of modern jury's and judges in the US.
Researchers found that judges were mistaken in they're verdicts 12% of the time while juries were wrong in 17% of cases.

-In 2001 1 in 142 American citizens were in prison.
In 2005, about 1 out of every 136 U.S. residents was incarcerated either in prison or jail
In 2009 that figure is now 1 in 100.

-American prisons and jails held 2,304,115 inmates in 2008.[2] Approximately one in every 18 men in the United States is behind bars or being monitored
A significantly greater percentage of the American population is in some form of correctional control even though crime rates have declined by about 25 percent from 1988-2008.

-70% of prisoners in the United States are non-whites.

-In recent decades the U.S. has experienced a surge in its prison population, quadrupling since 1980, partially as a result of mandated sentences that came about during the "war on drugs." Violent crime and property crime have declined since the early 1990s

-The three leading corporations in the private prison business in the U.S. are the Corrections Corporation of America, the GEO Group, and Cornell Companies.

-Private companies which provide services to prisons combine in the American Correctional Association, which advocates legislation favorable to the industry. Such private companies comprise what has been termed the Prison-industrial complex.

-United States prisons operate like labor camps, according to a comprehensive University of Massachusetts study. Operating like the labor camps of Communist China, prisons in at least two states, California and Oregon, are doing "exactly what the U.S. has been lambasting China for", the report says. It discusses the similarities in the two countries' prison labor systems. "You might just as well call this slave labor", the report continues, explaining that U.S. prison work is not volunteer work since inmates get time deducted off their sentences for working in the prison: "If prisoners don't work, they serve longer sentences, lose privileges, and risk solitary confinement." The report concludes that there is no "real difference between China's forced labor and that in the U.S. prison system."[44]
The United States prison system is being called "a new form of inhumane exploitation." Current penal labor in the U.S. is said to have "its roots in slavery.


The historical relevance of March 4th

A few interesting March 4th events:

The day of the United States presidential inauguration from 1798 to 1933
1789 – In New York City, the first United States Congress meets, putting the Constitution of the United States into effect.
1791 – Vermont is admitted as the 14th U.S. state.
1797 – In the first ever peaceful transfer of power between elected leaders in modern times, John Adams is sworn in as President of the United States, succeeding George Washington.
1837 – Chicago is incorporated as a city.
1861 – First national flag of the Confederate States of America (the 'Stars and Bars') is adopted.
1861 – Abraham Lincoln is inaugurated as the 16th President of the United States.
1865 – Third (and last) national flag of the Confederate States of America is adopted.
1925 – Calvin Coolidge becomes the first President of the United States to have his inauguration broadcast on radio.
1929 – Charles Curtis becomes the first native-American Vice President of the United States.
1957 – The S&P 500 stock market index is introduced, replacing the S&P 90.
1980 – Nationalist leader Robert Mugabe wins a sweeping election victory to become Zimbabwe's first black prime minister.
1997 – US President Bill Clinton bans federally funded human cloning research.
2007 – Estonian parliamentary election, 2007: Approximately 30,000 voters take advantage of electronic voting in Estonia, the world's first nationwide voting where part of the votecasting is allowed in the form of remote electronic voting via the Internet.
2009 – The International Criminal Court (ICC) issues an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur. Al-Bashir is the first sitting head of state to be indicted by the ICC since its establishment in 2002.